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Simon Sansome is now one of the country's leading lights in the world of disability, named as one of the most influential in Britain. This is the story of how it all began...


Just a month after marrying his dream woman, Simon attended his usual chiropractic appointment to work on his long lasting rugby injury in his lower back.

Little did Simon know, this visit would change his life. His chiropractor caused serious damage resulting in Simon collapsing on his walk back to his car with no feeling left from his belly button down.

Simon turned to the NHS and their expert doctors to help him, but they overlooked an emergency operation, claiming there was 'no clear cause' for his situation meaning Simon would be wheelchair bound for the rest of his life.


Simon's situation worsened as his then employers fabricated gross misconduct claims.

This was the final straw for Simon. With Kate by his side, he took his battle to the courts. With no money, legal aid or training he fought against not only his employer but the NHS itself.

This was no ordinary case. He had to win...


Our Crowdfunding Campaign


We are campaigning to raise funds in order to make Simon’s story into a feature length documentary, to inspire hope through his courageous plight and help raise awareness of Cauda equina syndrome and wider disability discrimination and to help others who may need help through his charities Ability Access and Ability Access Legal.

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Meet the cast tasked with bringing this incredible story to life


Olly Bassi

Simon Sansome

Olly's career has relatively recently brought him in front of the camera following a lifelong obsession with film. He's since appeared in films and TV series across Europe, the US and even as far as Nepal. When not filming he is a keen overland motorcyclist and active rally competitor in Europe and North Africa


Sarah Jane Honeywell

Kate Sansome

Sarah Jane Honeywell has worked in the entertainment industry for many years. Best known for her work as a comedy actress, with over 30 episodes of ‘Higgledy House’ currently showing across the world. She's also known as a kid's tv presenter on CBeebies. Recently Sarah Jane has gone back to acting where she has starred in a few horror and sci-fi films.


Graham Cole OBE


Graham Cole is an English actor. He is best known as PC Tony Stamp in the ITV series The Bill. More recently he has starred in shows such as Law & Order: UK, Doctors and Holby City as well as dozens of theatre productions. Graham is an OBE and a true British acting legend.

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Simon Sansome

Executive Producer

No-one knows Simon's story like he does. As the man who has lived and breathed the experience, who better place to lead the charge than Simon himself? His Production Company Three Blind Mice Productions, teamed up with Charlotte Fantelli's experienced Branded Studios to bring his incredible story to the screen. 

Find more about Simon please click here


Paul Murphy


Paul is an award winning Director, Producer and Writer. He has directed various films and TV shows, most notably the BAFTA long-listed Gypsy's Kiss and Social Networking Socially. Working with names including Stephen Graham, Ant & Dec, Sir David Attenborough, Salma Hayek, Jude Law and more, Paul is a top director in British Film and Television

Find more about Paul here

Charlotte Fantelli


Charlotte is an award winning entrepreneur, Movie Director and Producer. She directed Journey to Le Mans (Netflix, ITV, RTL, BBC Worldwide) in 2014 and Another Way (Amazon Prime) in 2020.

Charlotte has recently been Co-Executive Producer on two films involving Frank and Sylvester Stallone and has also worked with names such as Sir Patrick Stewart, Simon Dolan, Ant Middleton and more.

Find out more about Charlotte here

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